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“When Mr. B. gives guitar lessons to my child, it’s more like an overall musical experience for the entire family! There is so much joy involved in the whole process-and it’s contagious. My child has learned from Mr. B. that music is not limiting and that it can be bent, twisted or colored the way you want it to be, and that has made such a huge difference to a kid, who otherwise feels so bound by rules.”

-Sruthi Bailoor


“My son has had 2 different guitar instructors. From the time we had Mr.B, I knew that he was a blessing in my son’s life. My son was able and is still coming out of his box and having more confidence in himself. Just like he says……….he does not just teach guitar but, he teaches music. That is so true!”

-Sathana Collins


“I took up piano again after 30 years away from it. My daughter was taking lessons from her elementary school teacher and I noticed how different his approach was to music. She was learning sounds before note names, and the feel of music before the theory.  Mr. B. was teaching her music as a language, and she was enjoying the conversation.  Paul is a facilitator of learning, a conduit for musical self-expression through the understanding of patterns in music. We are learning the foundations and applying them through practice, but then the conversation moves off the page and into our interpretation of the music. This is the power of Mr. B’s approach to both music and learning.

My daughter’s recital was last weekend.  Sure we were nervous — especially about the expectations from family, friends and her teacher.  What if we make a mistake or forget our piece?  But Paul’s approach was celebratory and engaging.  He did not sit and critique.  He grabbed his bass guitar, brought in a percussionist and transformed us for three to five minutes into the rock stars we dreamt we could be.  In this space, not injecting our own flare was breaking the rules.  In that moment we understood the possibilities.  Thirty years ago I would not have touched the piano for at least a week after the recital was over, but this weekend my daughter sang all the way home and I started on a new song.”

-Michelle Shail


“I’m literally blown away at the progress my daughter has made in the time Paul has worked with her.  His teaching techniques are more about his students learning to play the piano as an instrument rather than just learning to play musical pieces.  Paul challenges my daughter to experiment outside of just what’s written on the page which will not only make her a more complete player but also motivates her to want to play every day.  As a piano player myself, I can tell you that Paul has found a new way of teaching piano and music that absolutely works!”

-Tom Richards


” Ever since my daughter, Sadhana started her music lessons with Mr.B her listening skills have become very sharp and we’ve seen a leap in her level of focus.  His unique way of teaching piano lessons has opened her mind to unlimited possibilities to explore new things on her own.  He is highly encouraging and funny with his students which have not only improved Sadhana’s self-confidence but has also motivated her to do more.  We are very blessed to have such a great music teacher for our daughter.”

-Manjula Ramesh






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