World Renowned Bassist Victor Wooten on “Music as a Language”

Here is an awesome snippet from one of my favorite bass players, Victor Wooten.  It is taken from a larger article on music…

The whole article is great, but this Victor Wooten excerpt is absolutely fantastic.  The last line of this snippet is my favorite!

Music as a language

Victor Wooten of Béla Fleck and the Flecktones isn’t a scientist, but he has thought a lot about the process of learning to play music. For him, introducing a child to music shouldn’t be different from the way a child begins speaking.


Ambiguity – How it will help release your creativity!


Ambiguity….the sometimes scary realm of the unknown.  Everyone wants the certainty of familiar situations, scenarios, and processes.  I like predictability and routine in my life as much as the next guy, but honestly how much certainty is there in life?  There is always an element of unpredictability in life and that’s what keeps it interesting……..traffic, school, projects, relationships, love.  In music education when we embrace ambiguity, we embrace an ever present reality of life and all the possibilities that can come with it.


How DISCOVERY makes learning music an unexpected adventure!


This afternoon one of my piano students said something that got me thinking.  As she was improvising to a Blues song she said, while still playing, “I didn’t know I could do that”.  She was experimenting with intervals of a third and discovered that she could use them as passing tones and also hop back and forth to different inversions of the chord tones.  It struck me how awesome it was to watch a moment of pure discovery!!!


The Creative Spark – Keeping creativity alive in music and life


Creativity comes very naturally to all babies, toddlers, and children in general.  They pretend to drive cars while sitting in cardboard boxes.  They line up their dolls and pretend to teach them.  They put band-aids on their teddy bears and nurse them back to health.  They wear colanders and bowls on their heads to be astronauts.  However, at some point along the process of ‘growing up’ that spark of creativity is often lost.



Symphonies of Talent – A musical metaphor for business

Here’s a wonderful article that was written by one of my adult students, Michelle Shail.  She sees music as a metaphor for the business consulting she does and has some amazing insights!  Enjoy!!!



by Michelle Shail


Did you play an instrument as a child?

If you’re like me, childhood memories of recitals can be pretty rough. Sterile venues with a stage, a lone instrument and metal chairs filled with adoring but bored family members? I took up piano again after 30 years away from it. My daughter was taking lessons from her elementary school teacher and I noticed how different his approach was to music.  She was learning sounds before note names, and the feel of music before the theory. This teacher — Paul — was teaching her music as a language, and she was enjoying the conversation.



Mr. B.’s Music’s First Blog


Hi everyone.  If you’re reading my music blog it’s likely you have a strong desire to learn music, teach music…..or you’re one of my super-supportive friends.  Since this is my first post I wanted to write about my approach to music education and what you can expect to find on my website.  Simply stated, I have a passion to provide fresh, creative music education resources that center around creativity, improvisation, and listening-based music learning.